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Research News in Complementary Health

An ongoing series of informational entries

Back to School with Healthy Fermented Foods

Increasing your intake of nutritious and delicious fermented foods is a great way to stay healthy with the return to school.  These cured foods allow for  the nourishment of gut-friendly bacteria which promote stronger digestion and immunity.

Protective benefits include an extra source of B-vitamins, immune-supporting short-chain fatty acids, natural enzymes important for energy-dependent pathways, as well as overall support of healthy elimination. 

The top fermented foods you may already be enjoying: 







Roman and Asian cultures have been using this lacto-fermenting process for centuries to preserve vegetables, grains, and fruits with salt and water.  As the foods are pickling, the food molecules become easier to digest and allowing for better nutrient availability.  The lactic acid which is produced as sugars are broken down help to lock in taste, flavour and freshness, making these foods an ideal school/work/fitness snack.

Win with Cinnamon

Fall and cinnamon go hand in hand.  But did you know that this delicious spice, used worldwide over hundreds of years, carries some impressive health benefits along with it as well?

The active component cinnamaldehyde has shown promising results in 3 main areas: 

1.  Metabolism - Cinnamon increases metabolism which helps to burn calories and produce more energy for the body.  The effects of cinnamon in obesity, weight loss, and diabetes type II have been a topic of research studies for years.  Blood sugars and triglycerides were significantly reduced in a study where subjects were given cinnamon daily for 3 months.  A great option for those looking for a healthier sugar substitute.

2.  Inflammation and Infection - anti-inflammatory benefits have been found in cinnamon.  Inflammation is an important natural function of the body which helps fight disease, however, in some conditions such as cancer or arthritis, it is important that this inflammation is kept in check and not excessive.   Some common uses of cinnamon are in tooth decay and wound healing.

3.  Brain health - research reports have also shown benefits of Cinnamaldehyde in individuals affected with dementia, learning disabilities, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's by lowering plaques and Amyloid fibres, improving memory and the learning of new skills. 

This versatile baking and cooking spice which is a staple ingredient for many deserts and main courses, has shown to be an excellent natural ingredient to improve overall wellness.  The Ceylon variety has higher quality over the Cassia one so check your local nutrition store if it is offered. 

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